西夫拉姆 西夫拉姆
西夫拉姆 西夫拉姆
西夫拉姆 西夫拉姆

We are specializing in French origin Wine cellars, storage, filling and sales

Corporate Culture


The culture of SIFRAM is originated from traditional French wine culture.

French grape wine culture certainly is not the longest in the world.Nevertheless,it’s a special case grown up with complete and delicate experience.The culture of French grape wine is developed and flourished with French history and culture.Grape wine culture has permeated in French religions,politics,cultures,arts and every aspect of daily life.It has linked with French people’s lives.As a powerful country in the global politics,economy and culture,French wine culture also influences people’s lifestyles and culture inclinations all over the world.

In many countries,grape wine is only served as a supporting role to delicacies,while French people consider it as a support to life.

As the operator of grape wine made in France,SIFRAM brings French wine culture into every respect of business operation thoroughly.Meanwhile,it’s utilized to cultivate SIFRAM’s culture.

In addition to inheriting essence of traditional French wine culture,Chinese culture is also absorbing into SIFRAM’s culture.

SIFRAM’s Core Philosophy:


SIFRAM’s Core Values

Grapevine Spirit(Gain Less,Render More)

Grape wine Glamour(Connotation of Poem,Extension of Flame)

European Lion Image(Brave&Fierce,Generosity&Dignity)

SIFRAM’s Vision:

SIFRAM French grape wine is the son of the sun and the earth.Wish he will get fire from the sun and light the fire of every viewer’s life.

Rich and extensive French grape wine culture is the spring breeze of western world.Wish it will integrate with broad and profound Chinese culture.

SIFRAM’s Objectives:

Create a Renowned International Brand,Build a World-class Enterprise

SIFRAM’s Business Philosophy:

Premium Brand,Moderate Price,Quality First,Reputation Foremost

SIFRAM’s Quality Policy:

70 Percent Grape,20 Percent Fermentation,10 Percent Cellar Storage

Careful Selection,Reiterative Taste and Evaluation,First-hand Import

Guarantee France made,Ensure health quality,Flavor Consideration for Chinese