西夫拉姆 西夫拉姆
西夫拉姆 西夫拉姆
西夫拉姆 西夫拉姆

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Westnor Charles Night Concert

On September 22,2005,a large-scale concert of"Wesno Charles Night"hosted by Yantai Wisno Charles Liquor Co.,Ltd.was grandly opened in Yantai City Stadium. At the opening ceremony of the concert,Mr.Lu Xiangyun,the president of the company,delivered a passionate speech.The leaders of Yantai City,the company's domestic and foreign customers,all employees of the company,and 5,000 spectators attended the whole concert. The concert was conducted by the famous conductor artist Yin Shengshan,the national first-level conductor Bai Shihai,and two artists as the chief conductor.The artists played world-famous music from ancient and modern times at home and abroad,which aroused the applause of more than 5000 audiences.

Announcement on Auction of Yantai Sivram Wines Collection

In order to promote the wine culture of Yantai and set off the atmosphere of the wine festival, with the strong support of the Yantai Grape and Wine Bureau and the Secretariat of the Yantai International Wine Festival Organizing Committee, at 15:00 on September 25, 2011 (Sunday) in Yantai The second floor (4th floor) F Hall of the International Expo Center held the Yantai Sivram Wine Castle Collection Wine Auction. The relevant matters are now announced as follows:

Sivram Chateau grandly opened on August 19

The Sivram Wine Castle opened grandly on August 19,2011.The people who participated in the opening ceremony were:the former deputy secretary-general of the State Council,the vice chairman of the 11th National People’s University Science,Education,Culture and Health Committee,and the vice committee of the Yan'an Spirit Research Society Long Li Shuwen

Sifram Golden Sand Beach Christmas Party was held on the 24th and 25th at the Golden Sands Hotel

To welcome the arrival of Christmas, Yantai Sivram Winery and Yantai Golden Beach Hotel held two "Sivram-Golden Beach Christmas Party" at Yantai Golden Beach Hotel on the evening of December 24th and 25th. "There are about 600 people attending the party. The host of this evening party was Mr. Gong Changan, the famous host of Yantai TV, and Ms. Wang Jianni, the famous female anchor of Yantai Radio, and Mr. Gong Changan performed the soundtrack poem recitation "Siflam, Hand in Hand to Create Glory". In this evening, Golden Beach Hotel also selected eight "Miss Sivram". The prizes were provided by Sivram Wines. Mr. Lu Xiangyun, Chairman of Sivram Wines, and Zhou, General Manager of Golden Sands Hotel Mr. Baoshan presented prizes to "Miss Sifram" together.